• " An organisation’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage. "

    – Jack Welch, former CEO General Electric

Our Services

We work closely with our clients to develop and deliver tailored solutions that deal with the challenges faced by their organisations. Our cross-functional structure and diverse skillsets allow us to think differently about these challenges and deliver truly integrated and pragmatic end-to-end solutions.


At KCMG Gaming, our Partners and Associates have in-depth knowledge and experience of International gaming or gambling markets, the participants and the regulatory framework. This gives us unique insight to help you formulate and execute on your strategic options.

From analysis and concept creation to delivering the right product, we understand what is necessary to run a profitable business in your sector. Budget control combined with fast paced decision making are critical to helping a successful business to react and adapt as opportunities arise.

From the clear definition of your corporate vision and its mission, KCMG Gaming will walk you through the process of identifying your strategic objectives, as well as the strategies and the specific steps that are required to achieve them, all-the-while keeping you updated with the all latest market trends and developments, ensuring you aware of the potential hurdles and how to overcome them.

Strategic Partners

Every business faces that continuous demand for growth. Whether it comes through entering new territories, investing in new product; systems and processes or you are simply looking for a product alliance, the question ‘Can we do this ourselves or do we find a strategic partner?’ is always there.

No matter what you are looking for, be it another company with the local knowledge and expertise plus proven track record of doing business in the region or a service provider with knowledge and experience in your sector, we have an extensive network of thoroughly vetted and trusted business contacts across the globe who could potentially help you.

Product Management

In today’s world, very few companies can afford to have a product miss its mark(et) but that’s not as easy as it sounds. KCMG Gaming offers you the means and resources to do proper market and competitor analysis in order to clearly define, develop, and maintain a successful product portfolio. Together we will build a foundation to develop and maintain a product roadmap that ensures your portfolio remains relevant and at the fore front of customer demands. We will work with you to design the correct product release programme ensuring your message is clearly communicated to your customers and ensure that your have a robust lifecycle management process in p[lace to ensure continued profitability.

Legal & Compliance

Corporate Compliance, Product Compliance and Responsible Gambling programmes are all critical elements for Gambling Operators, Manufacturers and Suppliers who invest substantial amounts in obtaining licenses and ensuring that they comply with all regulations and requirements.

The gambling industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries and keeping on top of the constantly changing regulatory landscape falls on the shoulders of teams and individuals who exist in a highly pressured environment. Sound legal, compliance and responsible gaming strategies are key to the overall risk management profile and, ultimately, your success as a business.

Our experience in gaming, whether land based or online; a supplier or an operator, has allowed us to establish great relationships with legal experts, led by our own Adv Herman Kruger, that specialise in Regulatory matters and who provide sound, dependable advice on regulatory issues, risks, and your general standing at law.

Business Development

Our extensive knowledge and experience from working in a wide range of international gaming markets allows means that we are uniquely placed to help companies that want to find channels to enter new markets but who do not necessarily have the time or resources to approach these markets themselves.

We will work with you to conduct a thorough product analysis against requirements for your target markets, and document all required modifications required in order to comply with local regulations. We will then define and draft a commercial and marketing strategy, help with forecasting and identify potential local partners. Our end-to-end support means that we will also assist you with the negotiating of the necessary partnership agreements.

KCMG Gaming is also prepared to act as local representation for foreign companies, acting as their agent and liaising with partners and customers periodically as required and preparing feedback for development, marketing and administration teams.

Operations & Management

KCMG is able to offer casino operators a 360°comprehensive service -, from concept to it commencing gaming operations. Feasibility studies, business plans, casino layout, equipment procurement and project management are just some of the services we are able to offer.

Operational Support

The Operational Audit is a formal and in-depth audit of the casinos’ adherence to procedures, set against international operating procedures standards. It is a vital tool for assessing management performance, risk management and the maintenance of quality standards. We will help you define and reorganise your internal processes and optimise your results by driving down your operating costs, improving your players experience, advising and helping you build an achievable marketing strategy and then support you through the execution to , ensure that each KPI is met or exceeded and, the bottom line improves.

Management Contracts

We are able to provide a breadth and depth of management expertise and resources usually available only to the largest and most professional casino groups, derived from our combined experience in the industry. Working in conjunction with stakeholders, our  management contracts brings: are structured to bring about improved business performance and stability of earnings through improved standards and processes coupled with reliable financial reporting. ROI will be enhanced through improved purchasing relationships with key suppliers, allowing Owners the time and space to focus their attention